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Belle Rosada is a writer of erotic romance and author of the blog Brilliant Bitchin'.

"Sexual liberation is not merely a means of giving women permission to be sexually accessible. I believe that sexual empowerment includes an ability to participate on equal terms - from the selection process and the act itself, to a time long after said act, a period which some with much less liberal views and smaller minds might call judgement. Women should feel comfortable both initiating and accepting the experiences they want, as well as rejecting those they do not, with the understanding that they are never obligated to engage sexually despite their declaration of liberation. It is as much a freedom to say no as it is to say yes. As full, complete human beings, not options, opportunities or sexual objects, it is simply about behaving and being acknowledged as such. It is the ability to experience all of the pleasure that mutually fulfilling sex has to offer, without fear of having one's wants and needs discovered or met. It is living independent of the roles, expectations and boundaries delineated for us by either gender. It is the freedom to live as who we are, not who others claim we ought to be...

But only because of the fundamental understanding that we ought to be none other than exactly who we are.

Under the pen name Belle Rosada, I am a sexually liberated, humble servant of the O."
- Belle

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