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The tips you need to give the blow job you want 

How Bad Do You Want It?

You can generally tell when a person is doing something they don't want to do. They tend to take their time getting around to it, and when they finally do get on task they don't perform well.
That is NOT how you want your partner to remember your mouth on him.
Thus, when in doubt - don't.
Think a lazy blow job is better than none at all? Think again.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (kidding)

The more enthusiasm, the better.
Have you ever had a man try to please you with a look on his face like he was either gassy or trying to write the proof to the Pythagorean Theorem in his mind?
Regardless of your skills, technique, or lack thereof, your partner is more likely to enjoy being pleased if he knows YOU enjoy pleasing him.
Yes, it may be difficult to smile in this position, but by all means - try.
Or do what the top models do and smile with your eyes. ;)

Work Smarter - Not Harder

The term blow "job" is no coincidence. It sure as hell isn't easy.
If you work yourself too hard, too soon, you won't be able to keep your pace. Marathon - not sprint.
Technically this is foreplay, right? So follow the foreplay rules! Drag it out. Tease. Anticipation is your friend.
Know your limits: If you reach a point where you're no longer comfortable, it won't be fun for you and you'll start to run the risk of lockjaw and teeth marks.
Suggestion: Stop BEFORE you need to. Don't wait until the last minute. This way if he asks for a little more inspiration so he can perform, or whispers a gut wrenching, clit tingling, "please, don't stop" you'll have a little more to give, and he'll appreciate your dedication. 

Maintain The Visual

Oral sex does not have to be you bobbing your head up and down and taking your jaw muscles to the gym for the duration of the experience. You aren't a blowup doll - so don't behave like one!
Be creative. There are sensitive areas on and around his "special place" that you can stimulate with your mouth, without having all of it in your mouth the ENTIRE time. Even though you're taking a break, it doesn't mean the fun stops for him. You still have hands, remember!
He remains aroused, pleasured and intrigued.
You save yourself a trip to the hospital.

Okay, kidding about the hospital part. But seriously, probably the most important part of being comfortable performing oral sex is knowing how much you want to, what your limits are, and being realistic and honest about that with your partner.

Foreplay is best when both parties involved are happy. So enjoy yourself.

Don't forget to breathe. 

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