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Owning Your Pleasure

Quick tips and bedroom tricks to help you take your pleasure into your own hands. 

What's Your Fantasy?

Having trouble expressing exactly what you want or need in bed? That's what fantasies are for.
The beauty of a fantasy is that as "make believe" as it may be, reality is always in the subtext. Whether it's sex on the beach, on the kitchen counter, or in a candle lit room without letting that hot wax go to waste - sharing a fantasy with your partner is a safe way to invite them to get to know your true desires.

The Power of Suggestion

It doesn't take much to communicate what you want to someone who is paying attention. How many times have you been able to come up with a great plan for a friend or loved one based on subtle details - that they like ice-skating, karaoke, etc.? 
Even if it doesn't happen right away, a subtle suggestion will give your partner the hint that you may want to explore something new. Whether it's studded condoms, handcuffs, or something more risqué. 
Drop a casual hint and allow their imagination to do the rest.

Top From The Bottom

It's all about communication. There's nothing wrong with telling someone what you want as long as you find the right ways to do it. Feedback like harder, faster, etc. can begin to sound like criticism. Especially if it starts veering toward a little to the left...
What you want is to encourage the behaviors that please you without discouraging your partner in the process. 

Too fast? Don't tell him to slow down. 
Tell him how you love feeling every inch of him and watch him slow down to keep track.

Not hitting that spot? About to mutter "deeper"? Don't you dare.
Tell him that you love feeling him so deep
How deep? he'll wonder. And the next thing you know, he's in your belly.

Is he too gentle on a night you want it rough?
That's a hard feeling to communicate with words. But who said anything about talking? 
Be as aggressive as you want him to be. Squeeze him, scratch him, bite him. And when he comments on it, dare him to take the control back from you. He'll have to rise to your level and beyond to meet your challenge, and before you know it you'll have the rough night you wanted.

Positive Reinforcement

Sometimes you may have to hint or maneuver to get your partner on the same page as you. Other times (hopefully often) he won't even need your help.
Tell him when he's right!
Tell him you like it. Tell him you love it.
A simple yes will do.
Encourage him when he's doing his best, so he'll do it again and again...

The only person responsible for your pleasure is you. Don't be afraid to take it into your own hands.

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